Local Attractions

Places to go, things to see!

The national treasure of South Pass City State Historic Site, with the Carissa gold mill in the distance.

2.8 miles: Carissa gold mill — part of the South Pass City State Historic Site
3.3 milesSouth Pass City State Historic Site. Every July there’s Gold Rush Days!

Abandoned cabins in Miners Delight

5.0 miles: Hamilton City / Miners Delight — a true ghost town
10 miles: Oregon-California-Mormon and Pony Express Trails
27 milesSinks Canyon State Park
52 miles: Sweetwater Station’s Mad Dog and The Pilgrim Booksellers / Sweetwater Book Barn — more than 70,000 used, out-of-print, and antique books covering a jaw-dropping range of subjects! For its location, see the “Contact and Reach Us” page and check the “Our wider region” map.

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